The Science of Letting Go

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The 30 Day Body Project

Do you want to feel less like a sloth and more like the Duracell Bunny? Are you tired of eating food that makes you feel like "blaah" after? And why are yoga and workut classes like $20 a pop?!!

Feeling good should not be so darn complicated and expensive! The 30 Day Body Project will get you going right away without overcomplicating things. Over 40 quick and easy recipes, workouts, yoga classes and everything in between.

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The Mari Mari Project is inspired by the Mapuche greeting that translates to "your'e ten and I am ten" - meaning we are equals. Every product on this site is in support of this project, meaning out of every purchase, 10% goes directly to support children living in orphanages and families escaping domestic violence.



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