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SLG School

Suspicious of all the life-changing testimonials you've seen about SLG?

Can this be the real deal? Yes.

People get results (and often fast) in SLG because they're not taught how to cope or manage their trauma–– 

They (and you if you join us) are taught how to get to the root cause and heal for good.

"I owe you my very life. I was at a point last summer where I could no longer keep moving forward without something to help heal me. I was at the absolute end of my rope. If I can heal from this then so can others." - Lakwiita

Imagine waking up feeling good and at peace no matter what's going on around you.

To go about your day without getting triggered into anxiety anymore.

To not feel depressed and have more energy than you've felt in a long time.

These are real results from people after they've joined SLG.

And it could happen to you too if you gave your body a chance.

If you're done wasting time and money on coping methods that only keeps you stuck-

And you're ready to start the new year free from anxiety and trauma that has only been holding you back-

Make sure you don't your chance to get inside— join today!

NOTE: Make sure you read and understand the Terms and Conditions.

What People Are Saying:

I’ve been wanting to do SLG for so many years but haven’t been able to financially, but imagine how much money I’ve put into medicine and psychiatry in all those years. Oh my god!


It's been a year now since I signed up and it has transformed everything! I feel so light and happy in my body, but also a feeling of trust that my body can get through anything. I just wanted to say thank you! This has really changed my future and life in so many ways and I feel that everything is possible.


As a newbie to the program, I already can tell a difference. Doing the release has been a game changer for me, both mentally and physically. Also, haven't slept this good in such a long time. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and simply being you.

Katie W.

I almost didn’t go through with signing up. Nearly convincing myself to put the money toward other debt. What a mistake that would've been. There’s no debt like generations and a lifetime of what we call stress/trauma. Or more accurately, living in survival. You know those before-and-after photos of teeth pre and post-braces? Or those of farms degraded from conventional methods and then restored through supporting nature’s already perfected systems? Well, SLG is kind of like those transformations. I wake up with a genuine feeling of excitement instead of anxiety, doubt, and dread. Maybe it all sounds too good to be true but it’s not. You still have to show up, put one foot in front of the other. It’s not magic, it’s nature.

Victoria Lise

I've come to see a lot of what I have not let go of and in the process, through your beautiful teaching of doing so each and everyday, each and every moment. You're an incredible teacher and soul. Entire course is an absolute get, keep and use! Blessings.

Socrates Gliarmis

Before, I didn't know that I was living with stress. All these physical symptoms were happening and I would just live with it. And then I would end up in the hospital hooked up to a machine because I felt like I was having a heart attack. I was in and out of hospitals for years because I couldn't keep food down. I was vomiting up everything. Turns out it was stress and anxiety and it took 31 years for me to be able to help myself. The amount of money that I've spent on therapy sessions that sometimes made it worse. And working with my family doctor who tested me but couldn't figure out what it was. This program, in the one year that I've been practicing the tools that you've given me. The change that it's made in my life. How much of the darkness it's lifted off my shoulders. It's priceless. I just wish I had it sooner.

Julia Ponte

You really have no clue what you triggered and what you started IN ME! It's like I was a zombie walking through my everyday routine and missing out on what matters. Now I'm on a roll living my best life BECAUSE OF YOU! I've been much more aware and living in the moment. I promise you, the birds chirping every morning have never sounded more beautiful. Do you realize how grateful I am for you? It's because of you and your willingness to share with others your incredible knowledge.

Melissa Zepeda